Tiger Fight, October 9th, Lakers forward LeBron James was interviewed today.


The Lakers will use a black Mamba color jersey to play in the finals G5. "I thought it was cool when they first wore that jersey three years ago. Obviously you won’t see those details until you get it in person. It has many nuanced details with snakes printed on it. Pattern." James said.

湖人队将使用黑色的曼巴色球衣参加总决赛G5。 “三年前他们第一次穿这件球衣时,我认为这很酷。很显然,只有亲临亲自看,您才能看到这些细节。上面印有蛇纹,上面有许多细微差别。图案。”詹姆斯说。

When asked about the meaning of wearing this jersey to win the championship, James said: "It will make sense, and it means more than a jersey. It represents a person who has dedicated 20 years of blood and sweat to this team. Tears and tears, as well as his meticulous craftsmanship on and off the court, made that team proud of him. I hope he feels that way too. Just like we got Shaq (Shaquille O’Neal) and Magic last season Johnson’s commemorative jersey is like that. When you know that you are wearing a jersey designed by a team legend, it feels cool."

当被问及穿着这件球衣赢得冠军的意义时,詹姆斯说:“这将是有道理的,它不仅意味着球衣,它代表了为这支球队奉献了20年的血汗的人。眼泪,以及他场上场下的精心制作,使那支球队为他感到骄傲。我希望他也有这种感觉。就像上赛季我们得到夏克(Shaquille O'Neal)和魔术队一样,约翰逊的纪念球衣就是这样当您知道自己穿着由球队传奇人物设计的球衣时,就会感到很酷。”

The Lakers will face the Heat at 9:00 tomorrow. The Lakers currently lead with a total score of 3-1.


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