im体育平台官网app-最强守护神!诺伊尔再救拜仁 他配得上欧足联最佳


   Two finals, the performance of the two games to determine the level of victory and defeat!


   Bayern against Sevilla in the 87th minute, the score was still 1-1. At this time, Sevilla striker Ennesri threw off the entire Bayern line of defense to form a single shot, but Neuer stood firmly in his position and quickly went down to save the ball!


   At the beginning of overtime, it was Ennesri who broke into the penalty area and got a good chance of attacking the goal, but Neuer blocked the ball to the goal post with his leg and took the first step!


   These two saves are undoubtedly reminiscent of Neuer's brilliant performance in the Champions League final, when the German goalkeeper also used many key rescues to keep the goal. In contrast, Bayern No. 1’s save in this game is even more critical, because with Bayern’s attacking power and physical condition at the time, it is not easy to score goals, let alone the first save. A possible lore.


It can be said that both in the Champions League final or the final match of the European Super Cup, Neuer has shown his big heart and made saves that are sufficient to determine the outcome of the game. The value of these saves is actually no less than scoring. .

可以说,无论是在冠军杯决赛还是在欧洲超级杯的决赛中,诺伊尔都表现出了自己的胸怀,并做出了足以决定比赛结果的救球。这些节省的价值实际上不低于得im体育平台官网app分。 。

   Bayern goalkeeper’s outstanding performance this year has also been recognized by experts. In the UEFA’s best player selection, Neuer was selected in the top three and will compete with Lewandre and De Bruyne for this award. This is already the second time Neuer has entered the UEFA's top three of the best of the year, as a goalkeeper, this is a very incredible achievement.


   Although Lewand’s call for the award is the highest, Neuer is also fully worthy of UEFA’s best of the year award-today’s European Super Cup is undoubtedly another good argument.




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