◉ The new LaLiga project combines food, leisure, technology and sports to enhance the image of the league on a global scale.


In addition to the national derby and other derby battles in La Liga, LaLiga TwentyNine’s will contain several different themed areas, allowing customers to enjoy a unique experience.

除了在西甲举行的全国德比战和其他德比战之外,LaLiga TwentyNine的战场还将包含几个不同的主题区域,使客户可以享受独特的体验。

In addition to enjoying the national derby or other derby matches in La Liga, these spaces will be open 365 days a year and will provide fans with an exclusive experience to help them make LaLiga TwentyNine’s a regular meeting place.

除了在西甲参加全国德比或其他德比比赛之外,这些场地还将每年365天开放,并将为球迷提供独特的体验,以帮助他们使LaLiga TwentyNine成为例会场所。

LaLiga is already negotiating with other potential partners around the world for further cooperation locations. The concept of LaLiga TwentyNine's was born in a multidisciplinary space, which can be adapted to the specific characteristics of each field or the needs of license holders. In other words, the look and feel of LaLiga TwentyNine's is always consistent, and it has been recognized by the league.

LaLiga已经在与全球其他潜在合作伙伴进行谈判,寻求进一步的合作地点。 LaLiga TwentyNine的概念诞生于一个多学科的领域,可以适应每个领域的特定特征或许可证持有者的需求。换句话说,LaLiga TwentyNine的外观始终是一致的,并且得到了联盟的认可。

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