Tiger Punch, October 24th, Lakers shooting coach Mike Pampesy evaluated the leadership of team forward LeBron James in an interview.

Tiger Punch,10im体育月24日,湖人投篮教练Mike Pampesy在接受采访时评估了球队前锋勒布朗·詹姆斯的领导能力。

"He is the leader of our team because he is our best player. He is a natural leader. He is very proficient in the game. He has the ability to see what needs to be done and execute the game plan like a coach. That is What he does best. He follows the game plan, and he wants to be coached in this area, so he can lead the team on the court.


"I think he is an influential leader. He is a leader on the court because he is a natural contender, but he is also an outstanding leader in coach meetings and team meetings under the court. . He is great. He is the leader of our team, and he has won championships on three different teams. That’s an amazing deed. He can do it on three teams, and at the same time. The best player on the team, this is unbelievable." Pampesi said.


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