Original title: League of Legends S10: SN defeated G2 in two games, advanced to the quarterfinals, and became famous!


NB games, entertaining life! Hi everyone, my name is NB.


First of all, congratulations to SN for becoming the first team to advance to the League of Legends S10 quarterfinals. From facing overtime to defeating the world's top team G2 in two consecutive games, SN has become one of the most exciting and proud teams for LPL players at present. .

首先,祝贺SN成为第一个晋级英雄联盟S10八强的球队。从面对加时赛到im体育平台官网app连续两场击败世界顶级球队G2,SN成为目前LPL玩家最激动和最自豪的球队之im体育平台官网app一。 。

SN's ability in the group stage, the performance is average, and the strength of the three teams in the group are relatively close, in the end who can finally qualify, even the commentator said that SN is still a little worried about qualifying, after all, it depends on others. The performance of the team. Unexpectedly, in the final group qualifying battle, SN team defeated G2 consecutively, ranked first in the group, became the first team to qualify in the LPL group, and entered the quarter-finals alongside G2.


In the two games of SN against G2, many wonderful performances can become the TOP list, and SN's single Bin's performance is the most prominent. Especially in the last group stage, it competed with G2 for the first place in the group stage. G2 had always been at a disadvantage. However, due to the long hand, they were all strong heroes in the late stage, which dragged SN to the death. If it goes on like this, it will eventually It was overturned by G2. At this critical moment, SN's top laner Bin singled out his opponent Double C with the captain.

在SN对阵G2的两场比赛中,许多精彩的表演可以成为TOP榜首,而SN的单宾的表现最为突出。特别是在最后的小组赛阶段,它与G2争夺小组赛第一名。 G2一直处于不利地位。然而,由于长手,他们都是后期的强壮英雄,这使SN丧命。如果这样下去,它将最终被G2推翻。在这个关键时刻,SN的头号车手Bin与队长挑出了对手DoubleC。



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